Leela Cyd

Identity for author/photographer.
Custom typeface for name brand inspired by timeless mediterranean signage.


Albatross Promotionals

Identity for company that specializes in printing promotional materials.
The name represents the far reaching qualities of promotional products.
One of the main challenges was to create a simple symbol that works well on both light and dark backgrounds, and at very small sizes.


Moon Minded Medicine

Identity for herbal medicine shop dedicated to connect plants and people.
The three uppercase "M" characters represent mountains where herbs grow and the ellipsis echoes the shape of the moon that watches the herbs grow.


Yguazu Co. 

Identity and packaging design for company that imports Paraguayan food from the Yguazu falls region.
The “Y” in Yguazu is a pictorial reference to the giant Yguazu waterfall where three countries converge. 



Brand identity, app and social media assets design, and photoshoot art direction for maker/youtube personality.
Unicorn-lover, Wengie, wanted to update her logo for her new app.
We created a custom typeface for her scalable, mobile-friendly logo that denotes a unicorn horn and a tail. 

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